Monday, 19 May 2014

Tartan fabulous

Hi ladies!

I have to apologise for being MIA the past few months- I've been snowed under with college work and assignments! Now that it's summer though I'm back in business! This is a quick outfit post on my way out the door- absolutely loving tartan (even in spring/summer!) it's important to team tartan with dark colours so that your outfit is not too loud! 

I love this chunky gold necklace- I got it in River Island for about €15 or so! Love the chunky black jewels on it! What are you all into at the moment? Really hoping Ireland brings some Sunshine soon!!! 

Lots of love xoxox

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Celine T-shirts

Hey all!!

So whats's everyone's verdict on Celine t-shirts?? I got mine in the post the other day and I absolutely love it! I know you can get them fairly cheaply from Ebay but I really wanted a real one-in love!

What do you think about the styling?



Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Feeling summery!

Hey all!

Just a quick outfit post! I love this summery look- especially the mint green blazer! I picked it up in Penny's for €13!! What a steal! I think it goes really well with my American Apparel denim circle skirt and this black bodysuit from New Look. My favourite piece is undoubtedly my brown River Island loafers! The white soles are amazzzzzing! What do you all think?? Can't wait for some proper heat and sunshine, this 5 degree weather is killing me!


Friday, 29 March 2013

Outfit of the day!

Hey all!

Just a quick post to show you my outfit of the day! This jumper is from New Look and I absolutely love the studs on the shoulders- so cool! Burgundy is definitely one of my favourite colours and it's lovely to snuggle up in a cosy knit when it's cold out (it's currently 1 degree in Dublin! Brrr) I bought this skirt in Charlotte Russe in America for a measly $10! So cheap! It's undoubtedly my go-to bodycon because it goes with everything :) The boots are from Topshop and are surprisingly comfortable even with the heel! Paired with a white shirt and some funky collar tips I think this is a great look!

What do you guys think? Is it equally polar where you are?!



Thursday, 28 March 2013

The Name's Bond, James Bond.

Hey all!

So this is just a quick post to tell you all about my amazing night last night! I was at a ball in Uni for the History Society and, get this, it was on a boat! An actual, albeit docked, boat. Beyond cool. The theme was Cold War espionage so I went with a bond girl look! I bought this red dress on (obsessed with that site) for only €30! BARGAIN! The shoes were also a steal at just €9 from Penny's (Primark to you UK folk!) as they were on sale. All in all a really cheap outfit! I kept my make up quite dramatic and dark (I was thinking sexy/smoldering!) and I went with a curly side pinned hairstyle! for anyone looking to curl their hair I couldn't recommend a better wand than the Remington pearl styling wand-amazing! Make sure you use a ton of hairspray so the curls stay in place :)

What do you guys think of my bond girl look? Do I pull it off?

That's my best friend Sarah (love her jumpsuit!!!) and my boyfriend Jonathan :)



Tuesday, 19 March 2013


Hey gals!

So this is just a quick outfit post because I've tonnes of college assignments to crack on with! I bought this coral skirt in River Island a few weeks back and decided to team it with this crop top from Penny's, a spikey necklace from New Look and these cute pink shoes! There's actually a cool story behind these shoes! I bought them in Penny's for €6 on Saturday but thought that they looked a bit boring so I picked up the studs and spikes in a haberdashery shop in town and glued them on in this pattern! What do you think? I love modifying stuff myself :)

The bag is from last year's H&M summer collection- it's so handy for college!

Do you guys ever change your clothes by adding embellishments to them?



Monday, 11 March 2013


Hey all!!

Sorry that I've been MOA for oh so long- have been swamped with dissertation work! Hope you all had a lovely Christmas (sounds so crazy saying that in March!)

Anyway I thought I'd upload one of my new outfits- it's from River Island and it's a dungaree skater skirt with little buckles attached to the bib part of the dungarees. It is so, co cute and teamed with this Tommy Hilfiger preppy crest shirt and think it's a perfect Spring look! What do you guys think??