Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Hand chains!

Hello lovelies :)

I hope everyone is feeling festive! I'm so excited for Christmas! I have my Kris Kindle dinner with my friends tomorrow evening-lots of food (we make the starters/mains/desserts ourselves and host it in someone's house), wine and presents :D Do you guys do a Kris Kindle with your friends or families? It's lots of fun-highly recommended!

Now to the fun stuff. I recently purchased a hand chain-for those of you who are currently like 'eh what?' let me explain! It is a cross between a bracelet and a ring-a mini chain wraps around your finger and this is in turn connected to another chain that clips around your wrist. They are so dainty and just so cute!! This one is from Miss Selfridge and I managed to get it for only €6.50 as it was half price! I love bargains! The only problem with these type of bracelets is that they aren't adjustable and I have miniature wrists. Never fear, my dad came to the rescue with some pliers and we managed to take five links out of the wrist strap so that it now fits perfectly with just a little bit of hang! For anyone else with small wrists I'd definitely advise doing a bit of DIY on your bracelet so that you don't lose it on a night out!

Hand chain-Miss Selfridge

I decided to use this photo op as an excuse to try out my new nail polish-it's called 'hot and spicy' and it's by Rimmel London-what do you guys think?! I love it and it goes on so easily and dries within minutes! Even the dodgy left hand went well-c'mon girls you understand me here, always a NIGHTMARE!!

So what's the verdict on hand chains? I love them, they're very old-worldy or something <3

Drop me a comment and let me know what you think :)

Oh and here are a two pretty hand chains from Topshop and New Look for some inspiration!

Hand chain-New Look
Hand chain-Topshop



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  1. i see a lot of those on instagram!! i do like the new look one!! nice blog. would mean a lot if you could check mine out too !! thanks xx