Thursday, 20 December 2012

Geek Chic

Hey everyone!

I'm in such a great mood today-the top I ordered from just arrived and tomorrow is the last day of college!!:D This is my first time posting an outfit-on-me post so I hope you like it!

This top is from and it was only €12! I love all of those 'geek' 'dweeb' tops that are in at the moment! I got this skirt in American Apparel-it's their denim circle skirt and it's the lightest shade they offer. Love it! I know some people say you should size up with these skirts because they're quite small fitting but I just stuck with my usual size and it fits fine! I got this bag in Accessorize (it's shown in a few of my other posts) and the ring is from Pennys. What do you guys think? I was feeling a bit geeky today (I think it's the geek top) so I wore some thick rimmed glasses (fashion purposes only-I don't wear glasses!) and my new Rimmel nail polish! Feeling very funky-what are you guys wearing?




  1. Oh my god! My outfit of the day has been picked as one of the editor's favourites for wiwt! Check it out!!

  2. you look totally cute in that GEEK top!
    would you like to follow each other?

  3. Hello love :) I love your fun & carefree style oxox