Saturday, 15 December 2012

Saturday night outfit!

So glad it's finally the weekend!!

This is an outfit that I wore for a 21st last weekend-a black playsuit from River Island (€45), super high wedges from Korkys (€40) and a glittery sequin bag from Pennys (€10). The gold studded belt came with the playsuit but I've used it on so many other outfits as it's detachable. I love this look! Effortlessly glamourous. What do you guys think?

Playsuit-River Island, Wedges-Korkys, Bag-Pennys
When I got to the party I realised that I spend farrr too much time with my friend! Similar outfits! This is how the playsuit looks on:

Playsuit with gold studded belt on the left
What would you normally wear to a big party/night out? :)



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